Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 3 (520 A.D. to 1450 A.D.)

The calm before dem Sturm

685 A.D.: Missionaries from Dublin set out to convert the French to PC Elitism.

Bogged down fighting Russia, both France and Sweden refuse the Celtic call for aid against Germany. As ravens deliver the grim news to all of the men along the eastern front, they look down from the city walls, knowing they are alone.

This comes as an unpleasant surprise. I had thought for sure that at least Sweden would declare war on Germany, considering declaring war on Germany has been one of the hallmarks of Swedish culture for hundreds of years. They also have a much more vested interest in doing so, considering the shared border and the fact that Germany is starting to push its new religion on their PC Elitist people.

715 A.D.: Word comes from across the sea that an unknown empire has fallen.

I won't know who it is for a while, but with my conquest of England, that means only 10 civs remain. You can win a Domination victory by being the last civ in possession of your original capital, but that isn't my aim this time around.

An oracle emerges in Edinburgh, claiming to bring visions of the future from the holy PC. After hearing her council, the Celts establish a warrior elite social class.

My second wonder, The Oracle, gives me one free social policy. I choose Military Caste, which increases my happiness in any city where I have a unit garissoned. Which is... basically all of them at the moment, considering the Germans could be on my doorstep any turn now.

760 A.D.: After the arrival of Celtic missionaries, PC Elitism quickly becomes the majority religion in Paris, and begins spreading to other French cities.