Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 3 (520 A.D. to 1450 A.D.)

So much for peace in the Middle Ages

Things are looking up from when I entered the Classical Era. I'm not at war, my economy is turning a reasonable surplus, and I have one of the larger land empires on the map. My situation is far from ideal, though. I'm still quite a bit behind in tech, being the last of the five civs on this continent to enter the Medieval Age. If the pace of my scientific advancement doesn't pick up, I'll be the last one with gun powder. That doesn't tend to end well (see any history book ever).

Beyond our shores, rival religions are popping up that I'll have to deal with. My missionaries continue to spread PC Elitism, and I also have access to a new unit called an Inquisitor that can remove other religions from my cities. I turn my tech path toward Theology to make sure I don't lose my religious lead.

520 A.D.: PC Elitism becomes the majority religion in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, making it the first city outside the Celtic Republic to accept the faith.

The Swedes have been my strongest allies for a while now, and this will improve relations even further. Over time, the religion will spread to other Swedish cities connected to their capital by roads.

535 A.D.: The Celtic Republic and Germany exchange embassies. Later that year, the Germans found Confucianism.

You may recall that I haven't been on great terms with Germany lately. Until recently, they were denouncing me for "settling lands they claim to be theirs." Whatever. I thought allowing them to build an embassy might patch things up. Plus, getting my own embassy in Berlin reveals its location to me on the map.

Then they had to go and found a rival religion, being the first civ on this continent to do so. That is almost assured to offset the diplomatic progress we made, and then some. In keeping with the theme, I've nicknamed the German religion "Xboxism."

560 A.D.: Germany and their Russian allies denounce Sweden.

Things are about to get messy. Sweden and Germany share a very close border. They've already been to war twice since the game started, and that was before they had religious conflict escalating their disputes. Sweden's cities are quickly adopting PC Elitism, while Germany is pushing its new Xboxism forcefully. I may have to step in if a German crusade targets my fellow believers and my closest ally.