Civilization 6: Rise and Fall will add Robert the Bruce's Scotland

Off the back of its Poundmaker-led Cree and Tamar-fronted Georgia, Civilization 6 now welcomes Scotland the Brave. Led to battle by Robert the Bruce, the tartan army will debut in the game's incoming Rise and Fall expansion.

Cue hordes of kilt-wearing, ginger-headed, haggis hunting soldiers—whose 'Highlander' Unique Unit replaces Civ 6's Ranger as a recon ensemble, that gains strengths from fighting on hills and within forest terrain. 

Moreover, Scotland's Unique Leader Ability is 'Bannockburn', in reference to the famous independence-fighting battle; whereas its Unique Structure is 'Golf Courses', which provide additional Gold, Amenity and Culture. 

The civ's Unique Ability is 'Scottish Enlightenment'—whereby happy cities are granted surplus Science and Production. They also generate a Great Scientist point per campus, and a Great Engineer point per Industrial Zone. 

Other traits that failed to make the cut include 'Being Inherently Tight With Money', and 'Whinging About The Snow, Despite The Fact It Happens At This Time Of Year Every Year'. Writing as a Scotsman, these are my own best qualities too. 

Despite the film's historical inaccuracies, I'd quite like to have seen a William Wallace-in-Braveheart-led Scotland feature here. Perhaps Civilization 7 might consider Nicola Sturgeon, Billy Connolly, or Glasgow Airport terrorist-kicking John Smeaton at its helm.   

More information on Rise and Fall's Scottish contingent can be found over here. The expansion is due on February 8, 2018.