Civilization 6 puts Gilgamesh in charge of Sumeria

This is becoming quite the party, isn’t it? Let’s have a head count: so far Trajan is here on behalf of Rome, Pericles is here with Greece, Norway’s brought along Harald Hardrada, Mvemba a Nzinga is with Kongo, Gandhi leads India, Philip II is repping Spain, Queen Tomyris fronts Scythia, Qin Shi Huang heads China, the Aztecs host Montezuma, and Catherine de Medici is in charge of France. Oh, and Sean Bean’s in there too. 

Sumeria marks the latest addition to the Civilization 6 get together, headed by Gilgamesh—a brute force said to be “two thirds God and one third man.” He’s the hero of history’s oldest known work of literature, says the following trailer, “but we’re not sure if he was a living person or a legend.” 

What we are sure of, is his presence in Civ 6:

As detailed above, Sumeria’s Epic Quest Ability means that capturing barbarian outpost nets you tribal village rewards. On the Unique Unit front, this civ boasts the War-Cart—a “crude woven basket atop four sturdy wooden wheels”—which suffers no penalties against spearmen or anti-cavalry units, making it particularly powerful early on. 

So long as it’s adjacent to a river, Sumeria’s Unique Improvement ,The Ziggurat, provides science and culture, although can’t be built atop a hill. Furthermore, Gilgamesh’s leader ability is Adventures with Enkidu which allows him to “share pillage rewards and combat experience with the closest allied unit within five tiles.” 

If you’d like to learn more about the historical background of Sumeria’s War-Cart and Ziggurat, head over to the game’s official site. Civilization 6 is due October Check out our hands-on