Civilization 6 welcomes Norway’s Harald Hardrada in latest trailer

And so Civilization 6’s crew of esteemed and formidable world leaders grows further still, this time with a splash of Scandinavia. Meet Harald Hardrada, a fearless Viking warrior who, in reality, “solidified his rule of Norway” before raiding further afield to bolster his territory and wealth. 

In Civ, that legacy of course translates to a series of abilities, perks, and unique units, among of range of other features—the minutiae of which is explored in the following trailer.    

All of Harald’s melee units can perform coastal raids, the trailer above informs, while his fleet’s Longships can heal in neutral territory. On the Unique Unit front, Norway flaunts the Berserker which affords pillaging one less movement, not to mention a bonus in attack, but is more vulnerable in defence as a result. 

Besides looking rather charming, the Stave Church is Norway’s Unique Building which harnesses all the benefits of a temple, but also earns itself a faith adjacency bonus from woods; and as a naval-focused civ, researching ship building allows you to send your squad seaward and back at no extra cost. 

“Will other nations tremble at the sight of your sails?” asks the trailer. I guess you’d better ask the neighbourhood:  Philip II, Qin Shi Huang, Montezuma, Catherine de Medici, Tomyris , Ghandi and/or Mvemba a Nzinga

Need even more Civ on this fine Wednesday? Check out Tom in conversation with Firaxis’ Brian Feldges and Sarah Darney at PAX—it's in video form and they discuss the newly revealed Congo civ. More on the historical side of Norway’s makeup can also be read via this Steam community post.

Civilization 6 is due October 21.