Civilization 6: Gathering Storm's Sweden lets everyone fight over Nobel Prizes

If sending soldiers to die over hexes makes you feel a wee bit guilty, Civilization 6: Gathering Storm’s newest civ, Sweden, might be perfect for you. Led by Kristina, Sweden’s best suited to cultural or diplomatic victories, with unique abilities and a new building providing tourism, culture, loyalty and plenty of Great Works and Great People. Check out the trailer above. 

Sweden’s unique ability is Nobel Prize, and it’s a bit unconventional. As well as providing Sweden with additional diplomatic favour every time they build a Great Person, along with Great Engineer points from factories and Great Scientist points from universities, the Nobel Prize ability also unlocks three World Congress competitions where every civ can compete. 

The civ’s new unit is the handy anti-cavalry carolean, which comes with a neat defensive ability that increases its combat strength for each unused movement point. The unique building, meanwhile, is the open-air museum, increasing loyalty and boosting culture and tourism for each type of terrain where there’s a Swedish city. To take advantage of it, you’ll want to build all over the place, from deserts to tundra. It’s accompanied by a second building, the Queen’s bibliotheque, which provides two Great Works slots and lets you hire a new governor or promote an existing one.  

With Kristina, there’s also the Minerva of the North ability, which lets her construct an improved version of the Queen’s bibliotheque, while buildings with three or more Great Work slots and Wonders with at least two Great Work slots become themed when all their slots get filled. 

Since Civilization 5: Brave New World, I’ve typically skewed towards culture victories, or at least more peaceful routes to supremacy. One of the best things about the series is its air of optimism, so if I’m going to conquer the world, it might as well be the kind of conquest that leaves most people fairly happy. Sweden, then, seems like my kind of civ. 

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm is due out on February 14.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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