City of Brass launches first major update with new traps, enemies, relics

City of Brass is the Arabian Knights-meets-Indiana Jones roguelike that proves there should be more whips in games. It arrived in Early Access last month and has now launched its first major update 0.2. 

Asking players to "enter the Catacombs", City of Brass' new update is out now and adds a new environment—the Catacombs, unsurprisingly—which replaces the previous patch's levels 6-9. Within, you'll go up against new foes in the form of Unstable Salitars, Hazardous Gladiators, and a "mystical new Gatekeeper" in the new zone's third level. 

New relics include The Charm of Fortune, Coin of Soldiering, Gauntlet of Thrusting, Tongue of Silver and Pads of Silence, all of which can be found scattered around levels or can be bought from store shop Genies. The update also brings with it a host of UI tweaks, difficulty adjustments, and more wholesome tutorial settings. Oh, and a new a trap named 'Maw of Howling' sounds pretty terrifying.

As you might expect, update 0.2 addresses a host of bug fixes and community bug fixes too—the sum of which can be found here

City of Brass' update 0.2 is available now. Here's a little excerpt from Tom's Early Access impressions

Combat is simple otherwise. Left-clicks swings your sword left and right; right-clicks crack the whip at your cursor. This is where things get interesting. You can whip different enemy body parts with the whip to trip them, smack a weapon out of their hand or stun them with a blow to the head—the latter attack causes them to clutch their faces and writhe, proving that skeletons in this world do feel pain. 

Some skellies wear cages on their heads and like to charge headfirst into you, which seemed unavoidable until I learned to take their legs out mid-charge so I could slash them in the back when they collapsed forward. I wish there was more to swordplay than relentless clicking. These moments are crying out for an execution move.