Cities: Skylines trailer talks services and policies in its toilet town

Cities Skylines

Cities: Skylines introduced the towns of Pritton and Borton (spellings my own) in its previous trailer, the latter of which is literally the former's toilet, a bit like [Your Local Town] is a U-bend next to [Bigger, Better Town Nearby]. The slightly smelly Borton is examined in more depth in the latest video, which strips things back to basics, giving two developers a chance to yak about the game for 13 minutes. See and hear them talk about policies and services in the following video, which makes the game look quite a bit like SimCity. Only, y'know, a SimCity that proudly boasts of its modding tools and offline play.

One of Skylines' big things appears to be its district personalisation tools, which will let you add an element of personality to your city's various areas, by picking out and naming separate neighbourhoods, and giving each their own distinct personalities. The relatively sizable maps, single-player focus, and Steam Workshop support should be noted by city simulation fans, too.

Cities: Skylines is available early next year.

Tom Sykes

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