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Cities: Skylines trailer details differing approaches to city construction

Cities Skylines

A new, lovely trailer for citybuilding/city management sim Cities: Skylines pokes fun at some of the common mistakes players make when constructing their own digital villages. Mistakes such as putting the power planet right in the middle of the city or, as pictured above, building a beautiful park beneath a tangle of ugly bridges. The grey, industrial town of Borton is juxtaposed with the gleaming city of Pritton, to show you how things really should be done. If that's not enough Skylines for you, a recent livestream featured over an hour of game footage. I've stuck that below the break too.

First, here's the trailer. I like the detail about sewage the best. Borton is literally Pritton's toilet.

Cities: Skylines was announced last month: the new game from the team what did Cities in Motion. This one allows you to build a city in addition to sorting out its transit system, infrastructure and all that jazz. The archived livestream, embedded below, goes into more detail about the game, but it looks to be a pretty detailed, and rather sizeable, city simulator, that you can play offline of all things. (Ta, PCGamesN.)