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Cities: Skylines dev will support game "as long as we possibly can"


It shouldn't be a surprise, given that it's sold over one million copies, but Cities: Skylines developer Colossal Order has pledged to support the game for "as long as we possibly and technically can while people enjoy playing."

In a huge TechRadar interview, CEO Mariina Hallikainen talks about the overwhelming success of the Paradox-backed citybuilder, as well as the work undertaken by the community through mods.

In recognition of the game's support, Hallikainen explains that they won't move on to a sequel until it doesn't make sense to continue supporting last March's release.

"I think the point where we have to move on to a sequel is when the technology is in such a state that it doesn't make any sense to continue working on Cities: Skylines," Hallikainen says. "I'm hoping that will be some years in the future because there's so many ideas we want to add to the game before going there."

As for what's next for the game, Hallikainen says, "We're going to be focusing on some great expansions and getting free updates out to generally improve the game. We're also very focused on improving the modding tools to allow them to do even cooler stuff."

More information is due out at Gamescom, this August. The game's most recent patch brought new buildings and pedestrian tunnels.

Thanks, VG247.

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