Chunks is the Vive's Minecraft from Rust dev Facepunch


Facepunch, the developer of Rust, has been working on Chunks for the HTC Vive for about 10 months. It is unashamedly Minecraft-like, to the degree that it was codenamed Vivecraft. But though Minecraft is a sure thing for the Rift, its future on the Vive is uncertain.

In Chunks, "you can build cities and monuments while you're the size of a giant, then shrink yourself to walk inside what you built." That excites me. The thought of exploring spaces built by my own fair hand almost convinced me to buy-in to VR before my bank balance got the better of me.

Chunks aims to differentiate itself from Minecraft in its moddability and shareability. Whatever you build can be shared via the Steam Workshop. Furthermore, the sandbox itself is written in the modding system—the source code for Chunk's tools is open and editable using C#.

Like so many other creative sandboxes, Chunks is in Early Access, and Facepunch is frank about its condition. "It doesn’t have a shitload of stuff to keep you super engaged yet. There’s a bunch of quality of life stuff we need to do. Some menus are confusing. Some of the tool controls are confusing. We’re totally aware of all this stuff. But it’s cool and has a ton of potential. "

Facepunch ought to have learned a thing or two from the long development of Rust, however, so unless Mojang announces Minecraft for the Vive tomorrow, this block builder is likely your safest bet.