Chucklefish's mysterious magic school RPG officially named Witchbrook

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Project Spellbound, the mysterious magic school RPG from Starbound developer and Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish, finally has an official name: Witchbrook. Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice announced the name on Twitter (opens in new tab) earlier today. 

We spoke to Chucklefish (opens in new tab) about Witchbrook's influences last year. Brice said "the most obvious ones were Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley," adding that combat draws on early 2D Zelda games. Brice also talked about the game's in-depth relationships, which he described as "very young adult literature in a lot of ways." You can find more details here (opens in new tab)

A release date for Witchbrook has not yet been announced. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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