Chrome's new search tool groups your history into categories

Google Chrome
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Chrome has done more than just get a new logo recently. It’s also releasing a new feature that will automatically group and bring up pages you’ve previously visited relating to a certain topic when searching for it again. 

Reported by The Verge, Journeys is the feature that’s finally being officially added to Chrome’s arsenal of search tools. Journeys essentially groups your searches into topics, and remembers the sites you checked out. You can, of course, delete results from that section or entire searches all together. So it could be a really intuitive way to curate searches on any topic without going to the effort of bookmarks, as well as a neat way to explore subjects you were investigating in the past.

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If you were looking for new PC parts, for example, it should be able to easily tell you everything you’ve looked at already relating to them so you aren’t constantly checking the same stores. Or if you’ve been doing some detailed wiki searchers on how to craft that rare item in game, this should make it easier to come back to later down the line. Speaking of, this Chrome extension cuts the browsers RAM demands right down which makes it much easier to browse and game.

Journeys was being tested last year, and now is currently only available on desktop. It also doesn’t carry over with your Google account, so you won't find the same searches transfer over to your phone, or tablet for example. However, all this makes it a good time to test whether this is the search solution for you without it infesting every aspect of your digital lives. Maybe it will give you a chance to clean things up a little.

Other cool additions coming to Chrome for PC are commands you can type directly into the address bar. These are dubbed Chrome Actions and include things like “Create Google doc”, “Start Google preso”, and “Play chrome dino”. There are actually a heap of potentially useful commands so it’s worth having a look at Google’s own list

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