Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior announced - a historical battle royale for the medieval FPS

In a crossover that's both kind of strange, yet somehow completely appropriate, historical first-person slash-'em-up Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is teaming up with ridiculous pseudo-history show Deadliest Warrior. The expansion, called Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, will, like the show, give players the chance to pick top fighty men of the past, and have at each other in a time-travelling battle royale. It'll be like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but with violence.

So far, only two of the six planned classes have been revealed: Samurai and Spartans. Of course, if they're staying true to the show, one of the unannounced teams would be the SAS or something. At a guess, that won't happen. As great at killing folk as Spartans may have been, I doubt they'd stand much chance against an M4 Carbine.

No release date yet, but Torn Banner say that more details will arrive on Monday.

Phil Savage

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