Check out these custom-made Overwatch Nikes

Image via Upboy

Image via Upboy

Seoul, South Korea's Overwatch Fan Festival will come to an end today after two days of incredible cosplay, fanart, and ultra stylish shoes. Korean designer Upboy brought a sweet lineup of custom-made Overwatch sneakers to the show, which you can see up close in this video from his Instagram:  

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Upboy gave 11 heroes the Nike treatment: Widowmaker, Zenyatta, Zarya, Genji, McCree, Mercy, D.Va, Ana, Soldier 76, Tracer and Lucio. I'm partial to the Genji pair, myself. The Dragonblade pattern on the soles gives it a nice edge, pun very intended. The emblem on Soldier's pair is nice, too. But while I love Zenyatta, his shoes look a little too McDonalds for my taste. 

If you're wondering, the base shoe for Upboy's project was Nike's popular Air Force 1. Upboy layered colors and cutouts based on Overwatch heroes onto the white Air sneakers to create these designs. Sadly, they aren't for sale, but you can see more of the shoes on Upboy's Instagram page

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