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Check out some 'launch version' Gwent gameplay in a flashy new trailer

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CD Projekt's Witcher-based card game Gwent is set to come out of beta on October 23—that is, tomorrow. With the big moment finally (almost) here, the studio released a new  video that breaks down the basics of gameplay. 

Players begin by choosing a faction, each with "a distinct feel and playstyle," and then assemble an army—that is, a deck—of at least 25 cards. Hands of ten cards are played in turns on either melee or ranged rows, with placement bonuses applying to some cards, while "leader" characters will provide unique abilities in battle. Whoever takes two out of three rounds wins the match. 

What's really interesting about the Gwent situation is that CD Projekt basically overhauled Gwent earlier this year, nearly a full year after its initial open beta release. 

"What we didn’t realize [during the public beta] was that we also started slowly drifting away from our original vision for standalone Gwent," CEO Marcin Iwiński said at the time. "While fighting with the everyday reality of regular updates and content drops, we lost sight of what was unique and fun about the game." 

You can get a more detailed rundown of what Gwent is all about at The changes to Gwent's design are also incorporated in CD Projekt's Gwent-based RPG Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, which also comes out tomorrow. According to our review, it's quite good.

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