Check out Revenant, Heroes of Newerth's EZ-mode caster

Sometimes, playing as a powerful hero just does the work for you. If you've farmed enough, or gotten fed enough, you can reach a point where the game just plays itself, letting you dominate enemies while you space out. What if a hero could be cruisin' on easy street right from the get-go? You may want to check out HoN's newest intelligence hero: Revenant, set for release this Friday. Four skills feels like too many to juggle? Not to worry—his ultimate is passive, so with the right team, you'll be racking up assists like nobody's business using this support superstar.

Right off the bat, having a localized version of Valkyrie 's ultimate as a regular spell, in the form of Essence Shroud, seems like a huge boon to you and your teammates. Enemies got the drop on you? No sweat—just go all David Blaine on them and vanish for a clean getaway. Need to help close out a kill, but your ally can't catch up to your target? Toss Defile on your buddy, then slow your enemy to a pitiful crawl before tearing him a new one. Triple Mortification during a teamfight? GET RIGHT OUT OF TOWN with that area-of-effect DPS! This hero looks amazing for early-game ganks and late-game largescale fights—you can bet he'll be a #1 ban for a long while after his release at the end of the week. Happy haunting, my fellow support-hero players.