Charming ARPG Quote offering discounted early alpha access, expires tomorrow

Quote, as Andy rightly pointed out in September, is unusual. It's a lovely-looking isometric action role-player that's about burning books, devouring novelists and ridding the world of all knowledge and wisdom in a bid to protect the planet from itself. At the behest of Bliss, the god of ignorance, you assume the role of priestess Novella in this scenario and set about "slaying every author and burning every book" there is. 

If any of that tickles your fancy, Quote has now entered a temporary early access period whereby you can access its first two chapters at a lesser cost.

Due to expire tomorrow, December 16, the 'First Draft' window will close at 12pm GMT/4am PT. Draft keys at this stage will be provided via, however players will receive Steam keys when the game jumps to Early Access early next year. With a 50 percent discount, access now costs £10/$12, with more information found via the game's site

"We’re desperate to show Quote to the universe, but it's early-ish days and so we've decided to limit it to an especially excited few before we fling the doors wide open," explains Vindit's self-proclaimed 'god of Ignorance', Robin Lacey. "The limited First Draft availability means we can establish a small but enthusiastic community with which to lay the groundwork for the eradication of all knowledge from the world. That will be Bliss indeed."

I feel like my cursory description above probably needs moving pictures to be better understood. Let's have another look at Quote's announcement trailer, shall we? 

With that, I'm getting Studio Ghibli meets Pan's Labyrinth meets Machinarium meets Monty Python vibes which, although a weird amalgam of zany inspirations, is in fact right up my street. 

If you feel the same and feel like checking it out, more information on Quote's early access scheme can be found this-a-way. Again, bear in mind that closes tomorrow.  

Disclaimer: Quote's narrative is written by games writers Alec Meer and Dan Griliopoulos—the latter of who still contributes to PC Gamer.