Chaotic Football Manager world record attempt is real-life Twitch Plays

Football Manager Touch

Twitch Plays live. Iron men. Hot mess. Any of those will do to describe the bizarre Guinness world record attempt being set up by Sports Interactive and the UK's National Football Museum. In the course of 100 days, 100 different Football Manager players will attempt to take Kingsmeadow to the top of the league in Touch mode on one save.

That's right, each of those 100 managers will play the same save in turn, in-person, picking up where their predecessor left off at the museum itself. The record they're aiming for is "Most Contributions To A Save File on a Videogame". The rest of us will get to find out what catastrophic managerial instability does to a football team.

Football Manager Touch 2

You can book in to be a part of the event here, but you'll be expected to turn up to Manchester's National Football Museum between 12pm and 1pm from February 12 for a minimum of 45 minutes' play, presumably while museum-goers make snide comments about your transfers.

At the end of the attempt, one manager will be randomly picked to appear as a player in Football Manager 2017 and everyone will receive a copy of Football Manager 2016 with their face on the cover. That's neat.