Rift breaks Guinness world record for most MMO marriages in a day

Rift wedding

I never thought I'd come to regret putting major life decisions in the hands of my editor, but that time came earlier this week when I found myself marrying fellow PCG writer Chris Thursten in Rift to try and get into the Guinness Book of World Records. The good news: we made it! The bad news: we don't have enough platinum coins to buy the divorce papers from the marriage NPC so we're trapped in matrimony. Probably forever.

Trion send word that they successfully set a new record with 21,879 marriages in 24 hours. We were one of them. It was a straightforward ceremony. Vows were exchanged, rude jokes were made about Chris's height, everyone downed ten goblets and gained the "drunk" buff at the reception, then we ran naked into a leafy life rift and enjoyed the irony of watching our hippies get hugged to death by a living tree.

In fairness, there was a benefit to getting married in Rift on Tuesday. "All participating players received the unique in-game title “The Avowed,” and hopefully snapped some wedding images to share with their children" say Trion. We did snap some pics of the ceremony, which took place in Rift's special wedding instance. Here they are.

Tom Senior

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