Chainsaw wolves to death in this upcoming... train simulator?

As you can see above, the trailer for Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator looks like a trailer for a train simulator. At first. There's a train, some nice sectional views, and interactive first-person controls. That you're apparently smuggling contraband on your train is the first indication there's more to it than being just another train simulator, however. Soon the trailer shows broken windows with snow streaming in, and before you know it the train's operator is on the tracks cutting up a fallen tree and slicing into attacking wolves with a chainsaw.

I like when survival elements creep into other genres, and a train sim with survival features sounds like a fun idea. Besides wolves and weather, some moose are featured in the trailer, too. Briefly. Just at the end. Ouch.

Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator is listed as 'coming soon' though we'll see if that's the case. On the the Steam page the developer is asking for ideas of what players want to see in the game. That's not a bad thing, but it could indicate it's not quite ready to ride the rails.

(Also, I'd like to note that the last words on the Steam page are "ALL MEN DIE, FEW EVER REALLY LIVE!")

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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