CD Projekt's Witcher spinoff game is back on track with an 'updated direction'

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CD Projekt revealed in March that Project Sirius, the Witcher spinoff game being developed by Molasses Flood, had run into some kind of trouble: After evaluating "the scope and commercial potential of the original concept of Project Sirius," the studio said it was writing off the game's development expenses up to that point and had begun "formulating a new framework for this project." Now, two months later, that work is complete, and Sirius is back on track.

The new comes by way of a very bland regulatory report released today, which announced "the conclusion of work on defining a new framework for Project Sirius, which is carried out by The Molasses Flood." CD Projekt also said that completing that work will enable a "partial reversal" of the development cost write-offs announced in March, because apparently the Sirius reboot won't be quite as much of a complete do-over as expected: The reversal is "the result of the decision to continue the Project in the reformulated framework based on a material part of the already developed elements of the game by the Molasses Flood."

Unfortunately, that's all we've got on it for now, as CD Projekt declined to elaborate further.

"We finished the process of defining a new framework for Project Sirius, which we mentioned in our regulatory report from March 20, 2023," a studio rep told PC Gamer. "We are excited with the updated direction, but we are not ready to talk about details just yet."

Very little was known about Sirius even before the March reset. CD Projekt has previously described it as "an innovative take on The Witcher universe" being developed by Molasses Flood, best known for the 2016 roguelike river tale The Flame in The Flood, which CD Projekt acquired in 2022. It's being developed alongside an all-new Witcher trilogy and a remake of the original Witcher RPG currently codenamed Canis Majoris, which is being made by Polish studio Fool's Theory.

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