The Flame in the Flood studio joins CD Projekt to work on an 'ambitious' new game

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The Molasses Flood, the US-based studio behind The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow, is now a part of the CD Projekt Group. The studio will work "in close cooperation" with developer CD Projekt Red on an "ambitious project" based on one of CDPR's existing properties.

"The Molasses Flood share our passion for video game development, they’re experienced, quality-oriented, and have great technological insight," CD Projekt joint CEO Adam Kiciński said in a statement. "I’m convinced they will bring a lot of talent and determination to the Group."

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"When CD Projekt approached us about the possibility of working together, we saw an incredible opportunity to reach a much wider audience through a collaboration with a company we love, creating games in worlds we love," Molasses Flood studio head Forrest Dowling said. "We could not be more excited to continue our mission with the support of CD Projekt and their incredibly talented team."

Unlike Digital Scapes, which was renamed CD Projekt Red Vancouver after CDPR acquired it earlier this year, The Molasses Flood won't be merged into other CD Projekt teams but "will keep their current identity." The studio won't be joining the effort to turn around Cyberpunk 2077, but it could be working on something new in that setting: CD Projekt said The Molasses Flood "will be working on its own ambitious project which is based on one of CD Projekt's IPs," and as far as I know there are only two of them: Cyberpunk and The Witcher. 

The Molasses Flood itself hinted that it won't stray too far from its previous games, mechanically at least, saying on Twitter that "we get to keep making games based on the same principles that have always guided us: Making games with heart built on rich gameplay systems."

Information on what it's getting up to will be revealed at some point in the future.


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