CD Projekt Red has launched an online store, shows off Ronin Geralt statue

CD Projekt Red has opened an online merchandise store that features T-shirts, hoodies, and various swag from across the studio’s titles—although naturally, you’re mostly going to find Witcher-related gear.

There’s a limited collection of Cyberpunk 2077 T-shirt designs, but the really neat stuff is found in The Witcher category. CD Projekt has a Wolf School emblem bracelet, a leather-bound notebook featuring the five magical Signs, and a rather stunning 12” polystone statue of Geralt reimagined as a ronin samurai. There’s also a huggable talking plush version of Shupe the Rock Troll, who tosses around card kegs in Gwent.

For the time being, the store is only shipping to territories within the European Union, but CD Projekt Red says it plans to open up orders to addresses in the United States, Canada, and other locations in the near future.

One strange omission, though? We can't find this thing anywhere.