CCP puts Project Nova alpha test on hold 'until further notice'

Steven didn't mince words about CCP's in-the-works FPS Project Nova, calling it "boring and unambitious" after he got some hands-on time with it last month. The message was apparently received, as CCP announced today that plans for a closed alpha (which was supposed to begin this month) have been put on hold

"Over the course of Project Nova’s development, we conducted a number of player research sessions with external partners, tirelessly playtested the game internally and brought community stalwarts in to help us evaluate the project. Now, after taking all this research and feedback into account, we see that the gameplay experience in its current form does not live up to our original vision and would not achieve our ambitious goals for this project," CCP wrote. "As a result, we will not be moving forward with the upcoming invite-only Alpha until further notice."

"We hope you understand that we need to take a step back and return to the drawing board, where we will spend more time figuring out how all this hard work can translate into something better and more meaningful for the EVE Universe. Remaining true to our vision of Project Nova’s future in connection with EVE is essential. That is the only way we will be able to continue creating memorable experiences that ensure you—our ineffable players—are satisfied and make us proud as developers." 

Project Nova was announced in 2016, and it sounds technically competent. "The shooting was responsive and satisfying," Steven wrote in his preview, and "when enemies die, they don't just ragdoll but float off into the abyss of space."

But that's apparently all it is: "Project Nova is going to need a lot more interesting enemy types if it hopes to achieve that goal. Right now, it all just feels mundane."

It's not the end, as CCP said it remains committed to the game and integrating it with EVE Online. But it added that it "is in no rush to release Project Nova until we're satisfied it provides a rock-solid gameplay experience and visuals to match." 

Andy Chalk

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