Cayne, the free horror adventure from the makers of Stasis, comes out tomorrow

Cayne, the point-and-click horror-adventure from Stasis studio The Brotherhood, will be released tomorrow on Steam. Promised as part of the 2013 Stasis Kickstarter, the "prequel chapter" has been built "from the ground up," as developer Chris Bischoff explained last year, which is why it's taken so long to complete, and it will be free for everyone. 

Cayne follows the story of Hadley, a woman nine months pregnant who awakens in a mysterious facility with no memory of how she got there. It promises fully-rendered 3D characters and HD backgrounds, professional voice acting, FMV sequences, and "intuitive puzzles to test your deductive skills." A "deluxe content" upgrade, with 4K wallpapers, the game script, and the soundtrack, will also be available for purchase.   

Experience with Stasis isn't necessary—Cayne is an "adjunct story"—but it is a really good game, so if that sort of blood-soaked horror experience is your thing, I'd definitely recommend it. You can get a feel for what's in store in the trailer below. 

Andy Chalk

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