Catzilla benchmark teaser reveals what cats dream about all the time

Oh sure, they look cute snoozing away at the foot of the bed, but that's when your cat's sociopathic fantasies play out. If you don't think that cats dream about lasering cities to death then you've been duped. Catzilla is a real-time tech demo from the creators of strange exploration game, Datura . When it's released you'll be able to download it to test your PC's power, but I'm more interested in what the girl's going to do with that giant electric cat pill. Brace yourself for oddness.

There's going to be a Catzilla beta, which you can sign up for on the Catzilla site . It's being produced in collaboration with Polish post production company, Plastige , who worked on that Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition intro video (the one with the big bald dude ice-bombing a boat).

Datura creators, Plastic Demo specialised in demo productions before this year's foray into downloadable games. The lively demoscene has a long history of turning out videos and programs that celebrate technical ability and artistry. I don't have the know-how to appreciate the engine-warping feats that allow demo crafters to produce their work, but I love their abstract audiovisual strangeness. Check out the award winners and nominees for a collection of some stand-out examples.

Here's Catzilla. Below Catzilla you'll find award nominee We Crave Sustenance, because it's awesome. Thanks to Joystiq for the heads up.

Tom Senior

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