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Cat Lady looks like Binding of Isaac with weaponised kitties

Cat fanciers are always banging on about how great cats are, but nobody ever mentions how they're a viable replacement for guns. Cat Lady will enlighten us when the doors to Grandma's cursed mansion open soon, but in the meantime you can watch some feline action in the dungeon crawler's new trailer, above. 

Cat Lady is a twin-stick shooter and roguelike where you must liberate your granny's mansion from the clutches of a curse. Now a randomly generated dungeon, it's full of ghosts, haunted objects and big bosses, and somewhere inside it is your dear old gran, needing rescued. 

Thankfully, you'll have some help in the form of the many cats you can find hanging out in the mansion. They're magical cats, and self-aware, too. Every kitty is an enchanted weapon. Kissy Cat, for instance, shoots out killer hearts. You'll find cats that brawl, cats that never leave their cardboard box, robo-cats—you can upgrade them, too, with different kinds of cat food and other handy items. One of the cats is called Milord and he's a wizard. Of course he is. 

With these handy cats, you'll be able to create a custom loadout to take down the ghosts and learn new magical spells scattered around the mansion's various biomes. Between exorcising the place, you'll also be able to hunt down secrets and collectables and find hidden challenges. The only thing I ever found in my gran's house was boiled sweets.  

No release date yet, but it's coming soon.

Fraser Brown
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