What time can I watch Castlevania Season 3 on Netflix?

After a far-too-long hiatus, Castlevania Season 3 is finally coming to Netflix. The new season picks up where the second left off, after the fateful demise of a major character set the rest off on new adventures. Season 3 arrives on March 5, but the time it unlocks is different depending on where you are.

When does Castlevania Season 3 unlock for me?

Netflix doesn't typically announce exactly when shows become available to watch on the service, but we can make a solid bet that Castlevania Season 3 will unlock around 12:00 AM PST on Thursday, March 5. Here's that time converted to a few more time zones:

  • Eastern Standard Time (US) - 3:00 AM
  • Central Standard Time (US) - 2:00 AM
  • Greenwich Meridian Time (UK) - 8:00 AM
  • Eastern European Time - 10:00 AM
  • Central European Time - 9:00 AM
  • Australian Central Time - 6:30 PM

If your regional time isn't listed here, you can use this handy converter. Just punch in your location and it'll spit out the time that you can watch all 10 episodes of Castlevania Season 3. If that gets you in the vampire-whipping mood, there's always the Castlevania collection on Steam.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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