Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2's Revelations DLC will let you play as Alucard

Nathan Brown's thoughts on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 could probably be summarised by a protracted period of screaming, but for the sake of your eardrums you may want to have a read of his review instead. In short, it's a "miserable blend of flawed game mechanics that's a giant leap backwards from its predecessor" - so why am I kind of excited about the announcement of some DLC? Alucard, that's why. Revelations will replace moody Drac Belmont with his moody goth son Alucard, star of the first (and possibly best) Metroidvania ever, Symphony of the Night. He'll even be able to transform into a wolf and a swarm of bats, as per his appearance in SOTN. None of this means that Revelations will be any good, of course, but at least we won't have too long of a wait to find out: the DLC will be out March 25th. More details after the break.

According to the press release, Revelations will take place just before the events of Lords of Shadow 2, "unveiling the fate of the Belmont clan" in the process. Alucard will have a different set of powers to his Begbie-esque Dad: in addition to being able to transform into a wolf and many bats, he'll be able to turn back time, Cher stylee. The announcement also mentions 'Glaciem' and 'Igneas' powers, which I'm assuming are based around ice and fire.

Revelations will be out March 25th. I've emtombed some screenshots below. (Thanks, Blue's News .)

Tom Sykes

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