Cartography leads to victory with Aion's new map features


Let that be our rallying cry, oh Wallys of Atreia: "Cartography will lead us to victory!" Or at least to disgruntled groupmates yelling at me as I meticulously redraw every line representing our plan of attack in Aion's new battle map, which was introduced in yesterday's big patch that took the game free to play .

The feature lets you draw with four different colors on the in-game map, at any zoom scale, and save, load, and share that map with your group, league, or alliance. It's an amazing tool for planning out attacks and coordinating troop movement on a large scale, as well as helping new players navigate the zone. It should really help players who take advantage of the mentor system that summons in high-level players to assist lowbies on difficult or confusing content, especially when there is a language barrier between the two players.

It can, of course, be used for drawing smiley faces and writing out angry letters as well (and potentially a makeshift Draw Something replacement)--but please don't be that guy.