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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission "Play & Contribute" beta launches

Bohemia Interactive is, for a limited time, selling two "Play & Contribute" versions of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. The two versions act as pre-orders, but also grant access to the beta, which Bohemia says includes a "considerable slice" of the Strategic Campaign.

"Overall, the gameplay experience in the Strategic Campaign is very similar to the main, story-driven, Gaea Mission campaign, which will be present in the full and final game," reads the press release. "However, it does not include the first-person shooter missions, cinematic cutscenes and tutorials."

Purchasing either of the two versions will grant the player a full copy of the game on when it releases, but the pricier "Play & Contribute Supporter" version will also include a Steam copy and digital soundtrack.

For more on the remake of the 1988 classic, check out our preview from last year .

Tyler Wilde

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