Captain's Quarters is coming to EVE


CCP have revealed in a blog that player avatars will soon be able to walk around their own "Captain's Quarters".

The developers have been aiming to have space stations that will be fully explorable by avatars, but this first step will be available on the test servers within the next six weeks. Read on for more details.

Explaining Captain's Quarters on the blog, CCP Chiliad said: "Captain's Quarters are your place of power, center of your control, operational nucleus, living room and home office. They are the dusty motel room for the vagabond capsuleer. Whether docking your ship to a station or entering EVE for the first time through the character creation, you will enter the Captain's Quarters as the living, breathing EVE You. It's a new dimension of immersion. For all players ( the future newbies/future points on your killboard), it finally gives EVE a human face, a sense of familiarity to "real life" and other games."

We first saw CCP's ambitions for avatars walking around space stations back in 2008 at Fanfest. You can see the video of their presentation below.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun ]