'Cappuccinopunk' barista sim Coffee Talk gets a standalone expansion next year

Fancy a cuppa, anyone? Last year's fantasy barista story Coffee Talk is returning with a new episode next year (thanks, RPS), letting you get back to serving brews to the troubled people, elves and orcs of Seattle.

Set in a late-night coffee shop (something I desperately needed when working late freelance shifts), Coffee talk has you tending drinks to a series of Seattleites, be they human or otherwise. You can tweak your drink recipes, stir up the perfect foam latte art, and the quality of your drink will affect your customer's mood—but you're mostly there to listen to the stories each customer comes in with.

Titled Hibiscus & Butterfly, the standalone expansion follows the lead of the first, featuring new drinks to brew in bolder colours, with a fresh cast of new characters to meet. More of the same, then—but then, aren't the best coffee shops the ones you can trust to be consistently reliable?

Coffee Talk: Episode 2 - Hibiscus & Butterfly is set to launch sometime next year. Until then, you can still play a free demo of the first game to get a taste, with the full game currently on sale until September 7.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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