Warzone 2's scariest weapon is a flying bomb, and that's OK

Bomb Drone warzone 2
(Image credit: Activision via lord-deedih on Reddit)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's most vicious weapon might not be a gun at all, it might just be a drone equipped to blow up near targets. The bomb drones, a rare pickup on the Warzone 2 map, are quiet, can find targets through walls, and blow up with such power that an entire team at full health can be reduced to rubble in seconds. Reddit, and other social media, is littered with videos of players cackling madly as their bomb drones take down enemies.

bomb_drone_quadrakill_by_chuloboy from r/CODWarzone

"I have nearly 1k hours from WZ1 and I can say nothing came as close to being [overpowered] as the bomb drone is," said one player on Reddit... to which another replied that the weapon's weakness was "the 80% chance to get glitched and frozen in place," referring to a persistent bug around using drones that locks you in place, unable to move.

They're not inescapably deadly, to be clear: There's an audio warning when one is deployed nearby, but the humming noise of their flight can be easy to miss mid-firefight. The bomb drones themselves are actually quite rare floor loot, but with 150 players running around in a Warzone 2 match the statistical fluke is going to catch some people out. "I die almost every match to a bomb drone," said one player.

Of course, the other downside seems to be that the blast radius on the drone is so big that players take themselves down alongside their targets. A video from one Andreas-Vamsti on Reddit shows the player take themselves down right on the edge of the gas ring, nearly denying themself a win.

The rarity of built-in bomb drones doesn't stop the ingenuity of players. You can be a do-it-yourself weaponsmith with a normal drone and some C4.

homemade_bomb_drones_work from r/CODWarzone

Anyway, it's all in good fun here in Call of Duty land. The ridiculous things you get to pull off are what these huge-scale multiplayer games are about. Some days you bomb drone, some days you get bomb drone'd.

If you're not intimately acquainted with the horrors of the modern battlefield, let me be clear: This is not a Call of Duty-ism. These kinds of bomb drones are real and are currently in use among national militaries, though they mostly don't look like Call of Duty's because they're far more destructive. Sorry that you now know about that.

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