Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will drop controversial Commando perk

Modern Warfare 3 - wetsuit warrior

The Commando perk is still one of Modern Warfare 2's most divisive abilities. It more than doubles the range of the insta-kill knife attack, letting wearers deliver a fatal blow with a lightning-quick three metre lunge. It's so powerful, it can be combined with other perks to create melee-only builds capable of dashing around the map at high speed, taking out players at medium range with a short blade. Unsurprisingly, it's considered by large parts of the community to be overpowered.

It look as though Infinity Ward have come to the same conclusion. Joystiq note that IW creative strategist Robert Bowling has tweeted to say that as far as Modern Warfare 3 is concerned, "Commando is no longer in the game."

Bad news for ninja soldiers. Good news for those who love not being stabbed by ninja soldiers. Infinity Ward are busy balancing Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer ahead of the game's release on November 8. They even went as far as to draft in a crack team of glitchers to try and break their maps. For more on Modern Warfare 3, check out the recently released screenshots .

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