Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer tested by crack team of glitchers

Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward have flown in a crack team of testers to crush exploits in Modern Warfare 3's mutiplayer maps, reports CVG . The mapMonkeys are a team of gamers who pride themselves on discovering hacks, glitches and bits of broken code that could lend players an unfair advantage when the game goes live. They're essentially The A-Team of QA. They've joined the sizeable team of testers already working for Infinity Ward to put the new maps through their paces with the aim of making sure Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer scene is as fair and competitive as possible on release.

"They're a great addition to an already rigorous QA process that the internal team here at Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer and additionally at Activision have been doing since development began," Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling told CVG.

"While we've been hammering away testing on it since it's been up and running, these guys focus specifically on exploits that can potentially be used to an unfair advantage, such as getting outside a map's playable area, inside geo, or find weapon / equipment exploits that were not intended by the designer so that we can catch and address these before it gets out to the public."

The four members of the mapMonkeys Infinity Ward flew out to see the game have been expressing their excitement on the mapMonkeys forums . The team will get the chance to play Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer maps months before release

"We've been flown out to test other games in the past (Such as Call of Dut:World at War and Modern Warfare 2), but we only had 2 or 3 days to test the game and find glitches, which wasn't nearly enougn time. This time, Infinity Ward is keeping us there an entire week so we can find more bugs and glitches than ever before!" writes mapMonkey Rezzzo, who also mentions that he's bought a new camera for the trip. Any photos of the game itself are likely to be held under tight lock and key, however.

Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer is rumoured to have an all-new killstreak system. We'll find out if there's any truth to the hearsay when Modern Warfare 3 comes out on November 8.

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