Call of Duty co-creator Jason West rumoured to have left Respawn Entertainment

Jason West, co-founder of Infinity Ward, co-creator of Call of Duty, co-plaintiff in an Activision law-suit, and co-creator (again) of Respawn Entertainment is reported to have left the company. Anonymous sources for both Kotaku and Polygon are claiming that West left Respawn, founded with Vince Zampella, due to family issues.

Respawn was originally founded following West and Zampella's rather spectacular split from Infinity Ward and Activision. The pair sued Activision , Activision sued EA, exciting terms like "corporate espionage" were thrown about, and lawyers laughed heartily as money tumbled towards them. In the end, all suits were settled for undisclosed sums, and everyone got back to making games and angrily simmering. One of Kotaku's sources claims that West left just after the settlement, back in May 2012.

More recently, Zampella revealed that the company would be at E3 , and had "no intention of showing up empty handed". Whatever game Respawn are making has, presumable, been developed largely without West, who was working with Zampella as far back as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for 2015, Inc.

Phil Savage

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