Buy new Samsung SSD, get Batman: Arkham City for free

Samsung 830 SSD

Spotted via Kotaku is the announcement that Samsung's new 830 series of solid-state drives will include a free copy of Batman: Arkham City.

The 830 series for desktops comes in four sizes: 64GB ($130), 128GB ($230), 256GB ($430), and 512GB ($850). Not bad for an SSD, and the buzz on the 830 series has been good. If you deduct the $40 or $50 you were planning to spend on Arkham City anyway, it starts to look even better.

When I upgraded my machine a couple months ago, I wasn't quite able to pull the trigger on an SSD despite the major performance gains. But Samsung's new offering has me reconsidering. Better load times are always good, and probably even better when combined with beating down Gotham's thugs. Nvidia is running a similar promotion with its 560 or higher graphics cards. This pushing anyone else toward an upgrade?