Burberry and Minecraft have collabed to make the most boring merch I've seen in a while

Burberry and Minecraft collab
(Image credit: Burberry / Minecraft)

Gaming is kind of cool now. I say kind of because even some celebrities like Henry Cavill get some flack on talk shows for liking games, but other industries have started to think of it like a fun creative opportunity. Riot Games really excels at bringing in other mediums like music into its work while Minecraft has been going in on fashion this year. But its new Burberry collaboration is just kind of meh. 

I love it when gaming and fashion intersect. I'm not talking about just t-shirts with a logo on, but I mean genuine collaborations between games and fashion outlets. Incorporating characters into designs, making logos look good or just making clothes, bags, or shoes that thematically show off the ideas behind a gaming IP. This Minecraft x Burberry collection is just more logos on expensive clothes. 

Here, a white t-shirt with Burberry written in blocks with a Creeper face in the background. Willing to pay £430 for it? I think not. How about this coat with a Creeper face and a BT logo on it? £2090 sound fair? Yeah, I don't really know about that one either. Hmm. 

There are some neat ideas hidden in this collaboration, my favourite being the Burberry scarf with flower motifs and a funny little square scarf that's just a picture of Minecraft. Those are at least different to anything I think I've seen from this brand before. Otherwise this luxury clothing is just more of the same with massive price tags attached. If it's your sort of thing, then go for it, I assume they're perfectly good clothing items and those joggers do look pretty comfy. But hey I can buy a few years worth of Xbox Game Pass with that same amount of money so I think I'd rather spend that there instead. 

Lacoste did a collaboration with Minecraft earlier in the year and at least that was a little more colourful and fun. Well at least Burberry's collab isn't as inappropriate as Microsoft's normcore t-shirt.  


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