Bungie confirms the return of Trials of Osiris for Destiny 2 on March 13

Destiny 2 is finally getting the original game's beloved 3v3 PvP Trials of Osiris mode. It'll arrive as part of the Season of the Worthy, which kicks off on March 10, though the first weekend-based Trials will begin on Friday, March 13.

In a short presentation video embedded above, Bungie confirms that three original Trials maps are returning, in the form of Cauldron, Exodus Blue and Anomaly. 

Players have long suspected the mode's return, which was all but confirmed today when in-game donations of Polarized Fractaline to 'the Empyrean Foundation' passed the 9,777,777,700 milestone. The event was also marked by an in-game cutscene in which your guardian lit a glowing beacon on Mercury.

Bungie seems to be confident that its much-maligned matchmaking is up to the task. "Trials uses connection-based & card-state matchmaking," game director Luke Smith wrote on Twitter. "When you're on the cusp of visiting the new Lighthouse, (the one you all built with TONS of Fractaline and effort) we want you to be facing someone in a similar spot." Smith also promised more news on Season 10 in the coming weeks, and posted the following image as a tease:

(Image credit: Bungie)

In the meantime, we do know that big changes to armor are afoot in the next season, and watch out: there's a bunch of nerfs heading our way, too. For avid players, there's plenty to unpack from the brief vidoc released tonight. For one thing, Bungie noted that Trials will be 'power enabled', meaning your light level will affect how much damage you do. That change could prove divisive, as it essentially means the more you're willing to grind, the better an advantage you'll have.

The armor that will be used in Trials' loot pool is a reskin of the original Trials gear, but it's some of the best gear the game has ever had, and it's now enhanced with lighting that will glow whenever a player has pulled off a 'flawless' card of games. I'm not saying it's like wearing RGB clothing, but I'm also saying that.

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