Building a compact AMD Ryzen PC? ASRock's B550M Steel Legend is on sale for $110

Building a compact gaming PC? ASRock's B550M Steel Legend is on sale for $110 after rebate
Save $45 on this micro ATX motherboard built for overclocking. (Image credit: ASRock)

It's pretty amazing how much raw computing power you can cram into a little space these days. If you are looking to go the route of a small form factor PC, a solid starting point is ASRock's B550M Steel Legend. It's a micro ATX motherboard with plenty of bells and whistles, including support for AMD's latest generation CPUs—and it's on sale at Newegg.

The vendor has it marked down from $154.99 to $129.99, which is already the cheapest around. However, there's also a $20 mail-in-rebate available that brings the cost down to just $109.99, once you jump through the rebate hoop and receive a check from ASRock.

ASRock B550M Steel Legend | Micro ATX |$154.99$109.99 at Newegg after rebate (save $45)
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ASRock B550M Steel Legend | Micro ATX | $154.99 $109.99 at Newegg after rebate (save $45)
You could build a powerful and compact Ryzen 5000 series gaming PC around this micro ATX motherboard, and then overclock it, if your cooling is up to the task. Just remember to cash in the mail-in-rebate for the full discount.

This motherboard is based on AMD's B550 chipset, which itself is supposed to be an affordable alternative to X570. And for the most part it is, though there are some B550 motherboards that run a few hundred bucks, at which point you might as well hop over to X570.

The B550M Steel Legend is a bit higher end than the cheapest B550 motherboards. It is built for overclocking, part of which entails a 10-phase power design for added stability. ASRock also uses higher end components throughout, like premium chokes and capacitors.

Other amenities include a reinforced PCIe x16 slot, a 2.5G LAN port (something you don't always find on cheaper motherboards), two M.2 slots (one of which supports PCIe 4.0 SSDs), half a dozen SATA 6Gbps ports, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 connectivity.

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