Build a thriving hive in free bee management game Hive Time

(Image credit: Cheeseness, Mimness)

Do you think a beehive just happens? No, in the world of PC games at least, it takes planning, and building, and researching, and gathering, all of which you've been surely learnt after playing countless management and strategy games. Hive Time is a bee colony management game where you have to expand your hive, manage it, and defend it from nature's biggest jerk, the wasp.

It's a refreshing theme, letting you get away from pesky humans and their constant organisational problems. Not that bees have it any easier, of course. While your workers are out foraging, you have to decide which rooms to construct in which cells, research new bee tech, and raise new generations of bees, in this attractive, approachable strategy game.

Hive Time is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, as is the soundtrack, and if you pay for the latter, 50 percent of the proceeds will go towards the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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Tom Sykes

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