Buffy-esque Slayer Shock out now

Surprise: Slayer Shock is suddenly out (Slayer Shock being Minor Key's "role-playing shooter about hunting vampires in Nebraska"). Last month I harped on about a new trailer, but the game's release date remained shrouded in mystery. I guess we can mark that mystery as solved, as you can now buy Slayer Shock on Steam, from itch.io and the Humble Store, for around $20/£15.

Look, here's an admirably concise launch trailer:

"Operating from your headquarters at a college coffee shop," the Steam description states, "you take missions to patrol the streets, rescue captive humans, and weaken the undead threat. A team of fellow vampire slayers assists you from HQ, providing new weapons, skills, and research".

Those weapons include a stake, a nailgun and even a super soaker, for dousing the undead with holy water.

So yes, there appears to be a lot of Buffy/The Lost Boys in there, a combination very appealing to nerdy thirty somethings like myself. Slayer Shock is the work of Eldritch/Neon Struct developer David Pittman, and if you're interested in Minor Key's other games (including old-fashioned platformer Super Win The Game, by J. Kyle Pittman), there's a new bundle collecting 'em all for cheap.

Tom Sykes

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