Brink patch fixes lag and improves performance

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Steam brings news that a new Brink patch landed last night. The update should clear up many of the lag and performance issues many players have encountered. According to the patch notes, the server browser is now easier to use, ambient occlusion won't kill your frame rate and alt-tabbing won't explode your game. You'll find all the latest updates listed below.

If you're on the fence about splashing our Splash Damage's latest shooter, check out our Brink review . To make more tweaks and improvements to the game, check out Brink Config , a handy little tool that will give you control over mouse and field of view settings. Don't forget that we have two PC Gamer UK servers set up too. Search for "PC Gamer" in the in-game browser, or join us directly on Port: 27115 for Objective and Port: 27215 for Stopwatch matches.


  • Fixed sound dropping out when playing networked games

  • Improved graphical performance, especially when using Ambient Occlusion

  • Fixed voice packs being reset to default when you delete another character

  • Removed ability to use certain cheat protected commands in challenges

  • Fixed memory leak/crash when alt-tabbed out

User Interface:

  • Full servers are no longer filtered out of the browser

  • Added support for entering a range of numbers (i.e. 10-12) in server filters

  • Reduced font size in the server browser

  • Exiting Head customization returns to the correct menu

  • Fixed being unable to bind KP_Enter in the UI

  • Increased font size of in-game text chat

  • 'Enter' now closes text chat prompt if empty

  • Fixed challenge in menu flashing even after completion

Dedicated Servers:

  • Improved dedicated server CPU performance

  • Fixed NPC not spawning for escort objectives online on servers using unsupported cvars

Tom Senior

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