Brink: Agents of Change DLC arrives on Steam, free for a fortnight

Brink Agents of Change DLC

Brink: Agents of Change DLC is now available to download for free on Steam. The new pack, which will cost $9.99 after the initial 14-day free period, adds shiny new bits to almost every section of Splash Damage's shooter.

The biggest update included in the free-for-now DLC are the two new maps. Founder's Tower takes place in the epicenter of the beleaguered Ark, and finally lets players inside the actual spire itself. Labs, meanwhile, has players fighting over an old research and development laboratory, which is submerged deep beneath the ocean.

To add to the new areanas, Agents of Change brings five new player abilities to the roster. The operative has been given a UAV, which automatically marks enemies on his radar when enabled. The soldier and engineer, meanwhile, will get napalm grenades and mines respectively.

On the more peaceful side of things, the medic can now invest in a Field Regen unit, which buffs the health regeneration of all nearby teammates. Finally, a Tactical Scanner has been added for all classes, which allows users to see which buffs an enemy currently has active, and therefore better decide a strategy for murdering them. Two new weapon attachments are also included, giving players the ability to inflict more melee damage with the bayonet, or take cover from enemy fire with the weapon shield.

Finally, both teams get a new character outfit. The Resistance get the Sad Punk outfit, while Security get a European policeman outfit called the Limey. The DLC is free for the first two weeks, and after that period will be sold for $9.99.

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