Brazen Blaze is a VR Smash Bros. where you can punch people into space

VR studio MyDearest is best known for branching narrative games like Tokyo Chronos and Altdeus. Its next game is a bit of a departure then, being a three-on-three multiplayer punchyshoot where you can use super-gauntlets to send people into orbit.

Brazen Blaze sounds kind of like a cross between Super Smash Bros. and a hero shooter, with a "heavy focus on close quarter melee combat" according to its description on Steam. The cast of playable characters, who seem to be anime protagonists caught in the moment before they hit power level 3,000 and fight someone who is about to take on their final form, compete across destructible urban environments. Each one has a different weapon and an ultimate skill, which include warping gravity, launching missiles, and healing.

The power-gloves seem like the real star, with the ability to punch someone right through a wall a neat addition to a VR combat game. That kind of superhero fight where characters smack each other into architecture feels good in the Injustice series, but I can't think of a time I've seen it attempted in VR.

Brazen Blaze is currently in a closed alpha, which you can register to join at the Virtual Haven Discord server. It's due to release fully in 2024 via the Quest and Steam.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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