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Brawl with punks and save your boyfriend in River City Girls, out now

River City Girls is an old-school beat 'em up in which you and your high school best friend battle the cities' villains to save your kidnapped boyfriends, the two rouges from NES classic River City Ransom. It's also out now.

River City Girls includes local co-op—no online, unfortunately—and WayForward has added comic book layouts and anime-style cut scenes to bring the style forward. Though the developer has switched things up and given the baseball bats and knuckle dusters to the girls, the game’s Steam description says that some classic River City characters will be hanging out around town as well. 

River City Girls has been fairly well-received on Steam so far, with 'mostly positive' user reviews. Two common complaints are the lack of control rebinding and the voice acting. It's true the controls aren't editable (the menu option only displays them), though the voice acting is in the style of an anime dub, and based on a few minutes with it, isn't the disaster some make it out to be.

River City Girls is out on Steam for £24/$30.