Boyfriend Dungeon's getting free DLC with three new dateable weapons

Boyfriend Dungeon, the hybrid action-RPG and dating sim where magical talking weapons transform into cuties you can take on dates around town, is getting a free expansion called Secret Weapons. The DLC will add a new dungeon and three new weapons, one of whom is the boss of said dungeon, as well as adding a few more songs for the soundtrack.

The new weapons are a hammer named Leah, an axe named Jonah—a character whose brief cameo in the existing game has had players begging for his reappearance ever since—and a whip named Dr. Holmes. This previously unannounced addition was designed by Ikumi Nakamura, former creative director on Ghostwire: Tokyo and artist on The Evil Within series, and will be voiced by streamer Kathleen 'Loserfruit' Belsten.

"Designing Dr. Holmes was an exciting job for me," Nakamura said. "The character was created through conversations with Tanya [X. Short, lead designer and captain of Kitfox Games] and the team, and several ideas were developed and vetted. It was an honor to be involved in a game with such a diverse worldview as Boyfriend Dungeon."

Kitfox Games also just announced that it will be publishing Mossfield Origins, a cozy citybuilder about self-sustenance designed by Studio Any Percent. Boyfriend Dungeon is currently available on Steam,, and the Epic Games Store. The Secret Weapons update will be out "later this summer". 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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