Borderlands 3's Amara is looking for a fight in a new character trailer

Amara the Siren is the latest Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter to get a character trailer, showcasing her love of brawling—a love that is tragically not shared by the people she picks fights with. She's got six mystical arms, so she's pretty intimidating. Give the trailer a watch above. 

Her pal Moze has mech, so the competition for best character is steep, but generally you can't go wrong with one of the Sirens. They're basically wizards with guns, though in Amara's case she's more like a magic monk, also with guns. You can use her astral projections to batter enemies, with each skill tree putting a different twist on her attacks. 

The Fist of the Elements tree's main ability lets you lock down enemies with her massive magic fist, while the rest of the tree adds more ways to increase elemental damage. Mystical Assault, meanwhile, lets you bombard enemies with your fists and generate stacks of Rush, activating buffs whenever you use an action skill. As you go further into the tree, you'll unlock more buffs. Finally, there's the Brawl tree, which gives you an ground-pounding slam and abilities that make you tankier. 

Check out the full breakdown of Amara's skill trees, and here are Moze and Zane's introductions. 

Fraser Brown
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